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ExSPO offers many ways to participate, See what best fits your products. 

Prefabricated Stands


Prefabricated Spaces are stalls with modular shell system panels.
Each panel is of 2.4m in height & 1m in width.

Exhibitors can choose from predefined sizes or they opt custom size based on their requirement


Bare Spaces are display areas allotted to the Exhibitors without any structure, furniture or platform.
This gives exhibitor a freedom to design their own stall considering product range, demos and their branding style.
The option is available for both Indoor and Outdoor areas. 

Bare Space
Live Arena

Live Arena

Active sports Arena, designed to experience the thrill of a live sports.
Exhibitors can opt it for Indoor or Outdoor
 depending upon the sport they are promoting.

Launch Pad

Introduce your newest Idea to the sports world. It will send your product in a higher orbit.
You can book your time slot + Space for the product launch.

Launch Pad


Share your expertise with everyone. Book your space at ExSpo for the live workshops for any sports and fitness related topic.

Poster Gallery

A Poster Gallery will offer information on new trends and innovations in Sports. Display your Poster with product or service info here. Let the sports community know about you.

Poster Gallery
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